I met with ADELINE at the 2015 HK Exhibition, who was very interested in my kids backpack samples at that time.

In the next 2 years, I kept recommending different bags for kids, such as backpacks, mummy bags, cartoon neoprene bags,

cosmetic bags, weekend bags, etc.

Meanwhile, I constantly sourced new popular eco- friendly material samples to enrich the client’s designs.

In 2017, her company invited me to develop samples for BIODERMA promotion project, including cosmetic bag, toiletry bag

with unique model, mummy bag.

Based on the full understanding in the past 2 years, we launched perfect samples, with new eco-friendly material, high

performance, and within their budget.

Finally, I won this big promotion project successfully.

From then on, we work together till now, and are working on more and more projects.

I always appreciate the opportunity ADELINE gave me , so we can grow together.

Let’s work together, we can do more and better!