Advertising Gifts company wanted to provide 6k set maternity bags for Abbott in 2016. They didn't know the material name,

the bags sizes or structures. They only had a small unclear image.

The customer was not familiar to bag product. Usually, we can make sample according to clear images and detailed specifications or object samples. However, the customer couldn't provide the details and they only had the needs. I didn't give up. I

searched on internet and talked with our designer, and we started to make out a sample based on his small image, and improved again and again.

I also searched for one supplier who could produce hot sealed PVC bag, which was a part of the set bags, which unfortunately our factory has not the facility to produce.

Finally, we showed a set of nice looking samples to the customer.  Abbott liked our samples and sent us the order.

Although the order was not big, we spent a lot of energy and time. Finally, Abbott likes the service from Advertising

Gifts company very much. From then on, we receive continous orders of promo bags from Abbott every year.