It was a day in August 2015 ,I received an enquiry from my Hungary client Andi who needed a cooler bag for her Ice cream brand annual campaign of next summer,

I had made 100K pcs basic cooler bags for her last year , but she wanted something special and unique this year ,the most difficult thing was to keep the same price

as last year due to budget problem.

I was excited, because I knew this project is real , but on the other hand , it was very difficult to make out a unique style and still at the same price. Anyhow I had to

hurry up and try to make this project come to true.

At the beginning we made two structure samples with neoprene material with which the price was close to the target and the material was unique, but it seemed that

client was not so satisfied since the shape is still not so good . I immediately check the latest style cooler bag in the market, even it was very difficult , as client wanted

to put two big boxes of ice cream inside ,that meant the size cannot be changed , the shape must be unique and the price had to be controlled within the budget .

Fortunately, finally I found some styles and Andi confirmed one of the styles for order. Totally quantity was 127800pcs.

We have been with this client around 6 years till now ,we always make their branded campaign successful , now we are business partner and friends.

At beginning of this year, China Wuhan city suffered the COVID-19, and our province has been influenced, and we had to close for 3 weeks. She talked to me every week to check if I was in safe side and then it’s her turn, we tried my best to send

several hundreds of masks to help them pass the tough time. We even shared our daily lives during the lockdown at home period . We care each other and make work a fun.

“Whatever is needed for your campaign, send me an email or talk to me , there will be ONE BAG we all love to deliver to custome!"