Back in the year of 2014, I received an enquiry from a company from Czech Republic, looking for cosmetic bags for Henkel's yearly promotion compaign.

It was my 2nd year with Guoci, without much experiece, but with great enthusiam and passion, eager to work with a big client that could prove my work ability.

After reviewing their website, I realized this's the exact client and opportunity I'd been waiting and looking for. So I checked the files carefully, studied

every detail closely, consulted with my experienced colleagues and sourced for the materials suitable for the project. Then with all the information gathered,

We offered this client a competitive price, following a sample request.

It was a real challenge, because the client needed 3pcs samples each per model / material / color, total 3 models and 24pcs samples, expected in 5

working days!

Zippers, bindings, pullers, etc. all needed to match the body color; logo imprints were also required, we must act quickly. And our fabric / accessory suppliers,

printing house, sample makers were all moving right away to cooperate. Lucky enough, perfect samples turned out in time.

Then I won my first order with this client, 72800pcs cosmetic bags, one model split into 2 colors, total value more than US$50,000.

And it was just the beginning.

Now we've been working with this client for 7 years, and gradually become their Class A supplier, working on almost all the projects that require promotional

bags, average yearly sales volume is US$400,000,

If you're looking for various options of bags, and still at fast delivery, I am the one to help.